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becoming a partner sponsor

All sponsorship packages are tailored to suit the needs of the sponsor. This page endeavours to provide some example packages and to answer a number of frequently asked questions.

branding opportunities

Sponsorship provides opportunities beyond logo placement. Benefits are tailored based on the level of sponsorship and the requirements of the individual sponsor, their brand and marketing platform. As well as a right to use his name, image and likeness in product endorsements Jonathan can offer:

  • press release distribution
  • photo and social media opportunities
  • statements of endorsement for a company’s brand

apparel branding

Partners will, subject to availabliity and level of sponsorship, have the ability to choose the locations their branding will be visible.


  • logo placement on golfing equipment (below)
  • official apparel worn by Jonathan, placement locations are represented (below) by the HewettGolf logo

sponsorship options

Whether acting as an ambassador for your company, writing articles on staying fit, cementing relationships with the golfing community, or participating in corporate activities, all content can be captured, shared and re-shared through social media.


While any level of shareholding, sponsorship or support is gratefully received, benefits for a sponsor can be tailored and packaged on an individual basis. Example packages for lead, secondary and support sponsors can be seen below. These are only examples and there is full flexibility in relation to sponsorship levels and connected promotional options.

partner package examples

title sponsor example

$5,000 - $10,000

Choice of primary logo position (cap or chest)


Promotional video* and company page on


Links and promotional text* from Jonathan’s online presence and social media accounts


Personal appearances


A share in prize money**

secondary sponsor example

$3,000 - $5,000

Choice of secondary logo positions (sleeve, collar or equipment)


Static advert* on


Links and promotional text* from Jonathan’s online presence and social media accounts


Personal appearances


A share in prize money**

support sponsor example

from $1000

Text and image* based advert on


Links* from Jonathan’s online presence and social media accounts

* Promotional videos, adverts and text to be provided by sponsor

**Share scheme with  prize money not available outside of the US and is subject to contractual agreement

web marketing

Your company logo, link to your website and social media, as well as a product or service description to be posted on the home page of


  • 30 second commercial spots and a dedicated company page will be available for the title sponsor on Jonathan’s website,
  • Sponsors will also be able to post to Jonathan’s social media accounts four times a year

personal appearances

Where possible, negotiated on a case by case basis, and to fit around the season schedule, Jonathan will make personal appearances or participate in corporate events to promote the sponsor’s brand.

sponsorship activities and FAQs

Where possible Jonathan will work closely with his sponsors and will consider any promotional request from a sponsor on a case by case basis.



what promotional activities are possible?

  • corporate golf days
  • social media participation
  • photography with logo placement
  • writing articles relating to your product or service for publication online or in print



will there be any corporate hospitality?

  • initial tours do not offer corporate hospitality at events
  • if qualification for the tour is achieved this will be a benefit and will be discussed with sponsors at the time



where will my company branding be seen?

  • official photography
  • mentions and photographs for local news stories, in the UK and USA, relating to events
  • website home page with links
  • @HewettGolf twitter feed



after the first year what will happen?

  • current sponsors will have first refusal on their current sponsorship package
  • as an incentive to be part of Jonathan’s early tour career, sponsorship costs related to the first refusal for title and secondary sponsors will be maintained at a flat rate for year two

Sponsorship Proposal

Use the button below to download a full PDF version of Jonathan's Sponsorship Proposal outlined on this website

Jonathan Hewett Sponsorship Proposal 2017
A downloadable PDF of options for potential sponsors of Jonathan Hewett (Professional Golfer) to consider.
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